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Charlotte Sherman (Z. Charlotte Sherman)
(American Artist 1924 - present)



Z. Charlotte Sherman is a painter, printmaker, and sculptor who was born in 1924 in Los Angeles, California. The style of her work is Abstract Impressionism and Expressionism. Her preferred media is oil, watercolor, pen and ink, printmaking (etchings & lithographs), and bronze sculpture.

She has painted in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and she studied at UCLA, Otis Art Institute where she earned 3 scholarship awards, and the Kann Art Institute: graduate studies at UCLA.

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California Water Color Society
National Watercolor Society (Signature member)
Women Painters of the West

Walker Art Center, 1958; Los Angeles County Museum of Art 1956, 1958; Pasadena Art Museum, 1959, (Award winner); California Palace Legion of Honor, San Francisco, 1961; Butler Art Institute, 1961; Scripps College Art Gallery, 1964; University of California, Berkeley Art Gallery, Student Union, 1965, (solo); Richmond, CA. Art Museum, 1965; Philadelphia Academy of Fine Art, 1965; Laguna Art Museum 1966 (solo); Denver Museum of Art, 1967 (invitational); Sylvan Simone Gallery, Los Angeles, 1956 (solo); Parson's Gallery, Los Angeles, 1957, 1958, 1959, (solo); Heritage Gallery, Los Angeles 1962 - 2003, (solo and group exhibits); gallery eight, NYC, 1965 (solo); Gallery 21, Marina Del Ray, CA. 1971 (solo)

Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles; Palm Springs Museum, CA.; Laguna Museum of Art, CA.; Glass Container Corp of America; Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, Arkansas; F. Fuller Foundation, Los Angeles

Ascent to the Heavens Heaven Bound #2 City of the Plains Home of the Goddesses
Earth on High City of the Golden Path Mountain Bound To the Crest of the Mountain
Where the Goddesses Live      

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Ascent to the Heavens

Ascent to the Heavens, c. 1960's
mixed media/oil
24" x 48"

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Heaven Bound #2

Heaven Bound #2, c. 1970's
22" x 30"

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City of the Plains

City of the Plains, c. 1965
mixed media/oil
24" x 30"

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Home of the Goddesses

Home of the Goddesses, 1974
oil painting
48" x 30"

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Earth on High

Earth on High, 1978
18" x 24-1/2"

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City of the Golden Path

City of the Golden Path, 1965
oil painting
16" x 16"

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Mountain Bound

Mountain Bound, 1980
22" x 30"

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To the Crest of the Mountain

To the Crest of the Mountain, 1985
mixed media oil & acrylic
24" x 48"

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Where Goddeses Live

Where the Goddesses Live, c. 1970
36" x 48"

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